Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Create a Basic Affilate Link on Zazzle

There is more than one way to create an affiliate link on Zazzle. This covers one of the basic ways of doing so. Make sure you are logged into Zazzle and that you are signed up for the affiliate program (sorry that I can't explain how to do this, as I signed up a long time ago).

1. Go the the page of the product you want to refer. Look underneath the product photo. There you will see several buttons. Click on the "Link" button.

2. Then select the text from the box that says "Option 1: Link for Email or IM" and copy it (you can do so by pressing CTRL+C on your keyboard or right click the selected text with your mouse and choose Copy).

You can then paste this link where you want it, such as on facebook, Twitter, an email, etc. (To paste either press CTRL+V or right click with your mouse and choose Paste).

By the way...the url that you paste should look something like this.

The first numbers relate to the product you are referring. The ?rf= part tells Zazzle that someone is referring a product and the last numbers are your referral number. If you don't see the ?rf= followed by a string of numbers then you will not get a referral.

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