Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Drawing Apps for Android

I don't have an Android tablet, but on a group I belong to they had a thread where they recommended all of these great apps. They sounded so cool that I now have my eye on for if/when I get one.
Some of these apps I know work on my Android phone, but I found I don't like drawing on a screen that small. You might not mind though.

So here are some drawing apps for Android that I know about based on that thread. (I think most have free and paid versions.)

Bamboo Paper
Art Flow
Sketchbook Pro (I do have the computer version of this and like it)
Clover Paint (the free version is called Clover Memo LITE)
Infinite Painter

When you look those up you'll also see suggestions for other apps that many seem to have good ratings that might be worth looking into as well.

And just for fun, there is an app called PiZen that helps you practice drawing perfect circles.

If you're interested in vector drawing (Inkscape was my introduction into becoming a late blooming artist) then try:

Adobe Illustrator Draw
Ivy Draw
Paper Simple
Infinite design

I hope you'll enjoy these apps. I will try to enjoy them vicariously through you as best as I can. ;)

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